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Can I glue RapiStencils together?
Yes, we actually encourage it. If you glue the 3 RapidStencils together you will have a much sturdier base to work with. On top of that, the provided smaller pins can be positioned in such a way that they will not protrude from the stencil but they will still be able to hold the PCB aligned. You should use 3 RapidStencil even if you don’t glue them together just for the added benefit of the smaller pin height. Just stack them one on top of the other and it should work just fine.
We have 2 sizes named 10x10 and 20x20 respectively. These are nominal sizes and they don’t represent the maximum PCB size they can handle. Since the minimum requirement is that the rows A and Z are located outside your PCB so you can use a single row, top and bottom to align the stencil, the maximum height for the 10x10 is approximately 147 mm, while the minimum height is approximately 66mm since we need rows d and w to be located inside your PCB so we can use them to align your PCB. For the 20x20 the limits are 243mm and 122 mm.
For the case of the simple system there is no maximum length. You PCB can expand left and right as long as the width limits are respected. For the advance system the maximum width for 10x10 is 130mm and for the 20x20 is 222mm since there is a border around the stencil
Yes. We can do a custom panel with larger dimensions. If there is enough demand, we would consider adding the size to our inventory
These are coordinates that help you keep track of the relative pin positions next time your want to apply solder paste to you the same PCB. Its ok if you don’t use them. You might spend a few seconds more when applying solder paste for the first PCB
The component has guides on the documentation, tDocu layer. If it doesn’t appear you need to enable it and make it visible on your CAD software. This is how it is done in Eagle:
Eagle Layers

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